Friday, 5 December 2014

Los Milibanditos: Stoke-on-Trent Sensation the Next Big Thing?

The mind reawakens, new pathways are roused into existence, and connections to a lost time are regained once again... The skies above Staffordshire tremble in unison, the pavements of every borough, parish, and district, crack and divide like no time recalled in living memory (even under a Tory government).  

What has caused such a cataclysmic event to unfold you may ask? Well, there are only two men on earth who may answer that question, and they are...Los Milibanditos (Los is foreigner speak for 'The').

The name may appear aloof, but nothing is obscured in a show by these two fiery performers. Tirelessly working like happy Chinese prisoners of war, Los Milibanditos classically mariachi sound has allowed them to amass a following that would even make the likes of Bob Geldof jealous. 

Yes, swift like Manchester dustbin men, the West-midlands has mostly certainly been rocked by the politician-turned-mariachi musicians, each of whom stepped away from politics after they begrudgingly accepted that there would just never been any place for a Secretary of State for Mexican Folk Music within the Cabinet.     

Not only that, but the siblings had grown tired of the toxic rivalry which had emerged between them as a result of fighting for that potential job in Cabinet. Ed (a shortening of Eduardo), the younger of the two, had nearly reached the limelight when he garnered the support of a prominent Texmex food chain, but that is a story for another day.

Simply, the brothers decided it would be best if they were to make amends by going back to their roots', where it had all started, playing their same favourite mariachi ballads out west, like they had in the beginning on the humble streets of their home borough of Camden.    

Nowadays, the Miliband brothers still play those same favourite ballads, their set-list having not changed in the past 20 years. Among the songs performed are such classics as Hotel California, Don't You Want Me Baby, and Karma Chameleon.

Speaking last week, David (meaning 'David'), the older of the two, said ''Me and Eduardo can't believe the good fortune with which we have been blessed, everyday I wake I thank the stars and the moons through the bathroom window of my portable home, and simply relish the thought of playing our music for yet another day''. 

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