Tuesday, 25 November 2014

War and Banter: An Introduction to The D'or Monologues

Home is where one's heart is, and by extension, to some minor degree at least, the same must be true for one's musical sensibilities. It is with this in mind that I start The D'or Monologues, a somewhat tongue-in-cheek blog which seeks to successfully address my local music scene, Bury St. Edmunds' music scene to be precise.

Bury St Edmunds is a market town in my rural home county of Suffolk, in the east of England. Despite this rural character, Bury boasts a population of more than 35,000 (and growing), a prosperous service and business sector, and a thriving, traditional market economy. 

Furthermore, it is in the midst of this humble abode that a platform is created for a range of uniquely British, often DIY, musical acts with local music venues and institutes like The Hunter Club and The Rehearsal Rooms around to give refuge to up-and-coming acts. All this allowing a distinct range of local artistry to germinate and flourish. 

However, this has lead to a journalistic deficit in respect to some areas of the scene, highlighted by the total lack of coverage of the underground arts in local publications such as the Bury Mercury. That is not to say no authentic publications exist, it is simply my intention to contribute to shedding light on this marvellous musical sphere.

So crack open a Biere D'or, come on down to a show, and cheers!